A. Personal Insurance

  • Motor private
  • Home insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Golfers insurance
  • Personal accident cover
  • Personal pension plan
  • Life insurance – Education & investment

B. Business Insurance

  • Fire & Special Perils insurance
  • Business interruption/Loss of Profits
  • Burglary & theft insurance
  • All Risks insurance
  • Money insurance
  • Work injury benefits acts(WIBA)/GPA
  • Group personal accident
  • Fidelity guarantee insurance
  • Electronics insurance
  • Industrial all risk insurance
  • Political violence & Terrorism

C. Liability Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Product liability
  • Directors and Officers liability
  • Public liability
  • Trustees liability
  • Employers liability
  • Carrier legal liability
  • Environmental liability

D. Bonds

  • Bid bonds/tender bonds
  • Immigration bonds
  • Customs bonds
  • Performance bonds

E. Special Insurance

  • Cyber risks insurance
  • Crop insurance
  • Livestock insurance
  • Green house insurance
  • Aviation insurance
  • Key man insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance(GIT)
  • Marine cargo insurance/Hull
  • Machinery breakdown insurance
  • Machinery breakdown loss of profits
  • Plate glass insurance
  • Stock floaters insurance
  • Group medical insurance
  • Funeral insurance – Family
  • Motor PSV Chauffeur(Uber/taxi)
  • Motor Commercial Own goods
  • Motor Commercial General Cartage /tankers
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Students Personal accident cover


1. Fire and Special Perils This policy cover all assets (Buildings, machinery, furniture, stocks in trade, raw materials etc.) against fire, smoke damage, flooding, earthquake, malicious damage, power surge, theft while a fire is being put off.
2. Fire Consequential Losses (Loss of Profits) This covers losses arising as a consequent of a fire as described above. When one suffers a fire loss, they will incur additional losses like loss of profits, increased cost of working, auditors fees & increased wages.
3. Machinery Breakdown Covers accidental and unforeseen damage while the machine is at rest, working, being dismantled, undergoing service, re-assembling after service and after successful commissioning.

Note: This policy does not cover fire damage or theft of the machine or parts.

4. Machinery Breakdown – Consequential Loss If one suffers a loss under Machinery Breakdown, this policy will compensate for incurred additional losses like loss of profits, increased cost of working, auditors fees & increased wages.
5. Burglary/Theft policy This policy cover all assets ( machinery, furniture, stocks in trade, raw materials, office fixtures and fittings, office equipment etc.) against theft following forcible entry or exit from the building.
6. Electronic Equipment This policy provides coverage to your electronic equipment including computers, servers

against sudden and unforeseen physical damage to the equipment as a result of power

surge, breakdown, theft, breakages etc.

7. All Risks This covers all movable equipment which are not necessarily confined in the premises against premises risks (fire & Burglary) and none premises risks. E.g Laptops, cameras, computers if not covered under Electronic Equipment, CCTV Cameras etc.

In summary, it covers theft, fire, riot and strike, breakage and any other cause not excluded under the policy.

8. Money Policy Cover loss of money whilst in premises, transit to and from the bank, in hands of authorized employees, in premises overnight and damage to safe/strong room.
9. Fidelity Guarantee All theft policies exclude losses where employees are involved. The policy covers the employer against loss of money and /or stock through dishonesty acts of employees.
10. Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) Work Injury Benefits Acts,2007

Provides for compensation to employees for work related injuries & diseases contracted in the course of employment.

11. Employers Liability The policy indemnify the insured against legal liability under common law for damages, claimant’s costs and expenses of litigation in case an employee sues the employer for Injury claims.
12. Public Liability When members of the public visit business premises, any injury of damage to their properties is covered under this policy.
13. Product Liability If the products manufactured are found to be defective or contaminated, this is the cover that compensates recall of the product from the market and any loss or injury caused due to consumption of the product.
14. Group Personal Accident This policy covers the employees and the directors in case of accidents especially outside It is usually a 24 hours cover.
15. Goods In Transit This policy provides cover for loss or damage to various types of goods while in transit by road, rail, or any inland waterway within the geographical area set out in the policy.
16. Marine Cargo Provides indemnity against loss or damage for goods being transported by sea or air and incidental land transportation. The policy can be extended to cover war risks and piracy.
17. Motor Private Comprehensive Provide insurance cover against loss or damage to the motor vehicle caused or arising out of accidental collision, or overturning, or total theft. The policy extend to cover damage to third party property arising out of or caused by use of insured’s motor vehicle.
18. Motor Commercial Covers commercial vehicles against accidental loss or damage to the motor vehicle and its accessories whilst thereon as well as protection against legal liability to third parties.
19. Golfers insurance This provides cover against loss of or damage or theft of golfing equipment’s and is extended to cover hole in one, personal accident cover to the insured and third Party liabilities.
20. Contractors All risks Insurance Covers the contractor for loss or damage from insured perils that may occur during the course of construction ( of buildings, roads, bridges, dams and other like infrastructures.
21. Erection All-risks Insurance Covers the contractor for loss or damage from insured perils that may occur during the

course of erection of plant or machinery ( in factories), tanks, generators etc.

22. Plate Glass Insurance The policy provides indemnity to the insured against loss and /or destruction /damage to glass by accident or misfortune of a fortuitous nature (buildings, partitions on premises).
23. Terrorism & Sabotage The policy covers the insured property, stocks, machines and equipment against terrorism ,sabotage, mutiny, rebellion insurrection and coup d’Etat.
24. Directors & Officers Liability Provides coverage to Directors and Officers for losses arising out of a claim made against them.
25. Professional Indemnity The policy covers professionals against the enormous costs of litigations as well as financial damages that may be awarded on a law suit.( Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, surveyors, Brokers & Hoteliers)
26. Domestic Insurance This is an insurance that gives protection to the homeowners/renters against loss or damage to the private dwellings/buildings, household goods, electronics and personal belongings against fire, theft, riot and strike, malicious damage, floods, explosion, lightning and thunderbolt. It also offers personal liability to third parties by the insured and workmen’s compensation to the domestic servants.
27. Individual Personal Accident Affords compensation for death, permanent disablement, temporary loss of income due to disablement and medical expenses arising from an accident.
28. Travel insurance Travel insurance covers travellers for unexpected medical expenses when they are overseas. Travel insurance provides coverage for unexpected risks and financial losses that can occur before a trip starts and while you are traveling, including medical emergencies, cancellations and loss of luggage’s. It is purchased for short and long trips.
29. Medical insurance This provides insurance cover for Medical expenses for Inpatient, Outpatient, dental, optical and maternity cover.
30. Education Plans This are savings plans that allow one to invest for a period of time and you receive a staggered payments to cater for your child’s school fees.