Our Services

We are here to help you obtain the best local or international coverage for you and your loved ones. We offer:

Insurance Consultancy/Placement

We consult with our clients on their insurance needs, advise on the best options and then place covers with the underwriters and collect premium on the same.

Risk Surveys

We facilitate surveys on property to be insured on behalf of the client. This helps identify the salient feature of a risk and improves risk mitigations.

Risk Management

We advise our clients on solutions that best protect their interest and also on measures they would take to mitigate future losses.

Claims Handling

We process claims on behalf of the clients right from initial reporting until the claim is settled. We advise our client on the processes and procedures of reporting and documenting claims.


In case of accidents, we facilitate towing services for our clients from point A to B

Members Education

We engage our customers on aspects of insurance to help them understand better what they are buying, what they are covered for, exclusions and other aspects of the policy. We also facilitate wellness programs to our members to ensure they are well informed.

Advise Clients

Advise clients on market trends and changes in the industry- We advise our clients on any regulatory changes in the industry, new products as well as technological development in the industry.