The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 made Kenyans sit up and realize that medical needs are unpredictable as they are emergent. These medical exigencies can bring about financial difficulties that are almost impossible to handle (as we learned from the outbreak).

With the outcome of the outbreak still fresh in our minds, people are beginning to understand the benefits of having a good insurance plan. And, with the increasing costs of medical expenses, access to state-of-the-art medical facilities, and hospitalization, Kenyans now more than ever need a sound health insurance cover.

Unfortunately, health insurance is not cheap. Because of this, most Kenyans are tempted to go without coverage, especially they rarely or never get sick. Kenyans in this bracket (rarely get sick), prefer to pay for medical expenses as they go instead of worrying about insurance premiums. But this is very risky.

What if you get into a dangerous accident, contact a serious illness, and/or have an ongoing health issue? In such cases (I’m not praying for one), your medical expenses will become large, quickly.

Besides the obvious benefit of having financial confidence, a health insurance plan is very useful because it comes in handy when beating medical treatment inflation.

Here are 4 crucial reasons why you need a health insurance policy today:

  1. To Safeguard your Family

When shopping for a health insurance plan, you can choose to purchase one that covers your entire family instead of choosing separate plans.

Consider your young children or aging parents, who are vulnerable to diseases. Having a health insurance plan in place ensures that they get the best medical treatment should anything happen to them.

You can research thoroughly or talk to experts (link to Entreplat page) for an unbiased opinion to ensure that you get the best plan that covers all your needs.

  1. To Limit Financial Toil

Most Kenyans have a health insurance cover provided by their employers. You should check the terms of the cover to see what it provides and what it protects you against.

More often than not, the employer-provided health insurance plan offers basic coverage. This plan does not cover you against possible risks like hereditary diseases- it could be insufficient in some aspects. You should not be worried if you cannot purchase the higher coverage plan right off. You can start with an affordable plan and increase it gradually.

  1. Changing Lifestyles

There is a huge change in our lifestyles. These changes have made us more prone to illnesses. 2-4-hour daily commute, poor eating habits, work pressure, and rising pollution levels in Kenya’s major cities have increased the risk of developing health problems.

Lifestyles diseases are also on the rise in teens and young adults. Diseases like obesity, respiratory problems, and diabetes which were prevalent in the older generation, are now rampant in teens and young adults.

While some Kenyans are adopting precautionary measures and active lifestyles to combat these diseases, an unfortunate occurrence can be financially challenging. Investing in a sound health cover that provides regular medical tests can help us diagnose these illnesses at an early stage. This insurance cover can also take care of the medical expenses leaving us less to worry about.

  1. Tax relief

Having a health insurance plan earns you tax relief. You are bound to receive a 15% tax relief on all your annual premiums paid as per the Kenya tax procedure. This measure was put in place as an incentive to attract Kenyans to health insurance coverage. For instance, if you spend KShs. 100,000 on premiums for a health insurance policy in a year, then you get KShs. 15,000 as tax relief.

Now is the time to look at all your options.

Only through Entreplat insurance brokers, can you find the health insurance plan that can lower your monthly cost for health insurance.

We compare plans and prices from private health insurance companies and decide which is best for you.


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