An insurance broker is a professional and independent advisor knowledgeable in risk management and insurance services. A broker has bargaining powers and therefore as a customer you or your firm is ensured of quality services at competitive cost.

  1. Brokers are independent from all Insurers
  2. They represent and protect interests of clients
  3. They provide impartial and objective advice
  4. Identifying analyzing and evaluating risks
  5. Designing a customized Insurance program for each client
  6. Negotiating competitive insurance contracts and placing risk 
  7. They provide Risk Management Service
  8. Negotiate Speed claim settlement
  9. Providing updated information concerning the Insurance market

A Broker is an insurance professional and works on behalf of the customer. On the other hand, an agent works for the insurance company.

By allowing your broker to prepare an insurance program fitting your insurance needs.

The Insurance Act Cap 485 Section 156(ii) requires premiums to be paid upfront. However, your broker can assist you pay premium in instalments by arranging premium financing from reputable finance houses. 

Entreplat Insurance Brokers will be able to advise on how to assess the adequacy of your insurance cover by analyzing your risk exposures. For property you can do valuations.

Excess is the first portion of each and every claim borne by the insured

  1. To make you participate in claims settlement so that incidents of claims are minimized in future i.e., This measure deters drivers from carelessness on the road and protects motor insurance companies from frivolous claims.
  2. To avoid insurers paying for minor damages/losses like dents, scratches, loss of mirrors which    are minimal in cost.
  3. Entreplat ensures that every motor policy has an Excess protector just incase you are to blame for the accident and the repair estimates are substantial (above excess required)
  4. Entreplat Motor policies have a waiver that if you are not to blame for the accident and it’s evidenced by the police abstract; you will not pay Excess for own damage.

By a cancellation notice in writing from either party

Unfortunately, this won’t be possible as insurance policies are not transferable. You will need to cancel the policy and return the insurance certificate back to us. Upon returning the certificate, we will refund a portion of your premium if you have not made any claim at the time of cancellation and if your policy has not lasted more than 6 months.

The following are the benefits: –

Financial security /protection for the insured
Peace of mind as the burden is transferred to the insurer

The insurer computes and pay refund premium for the unutilized period subject to the policy terms if there has not been a claim.

No. You cannot get a refund because you will have enjoyed policy protection for the whole insurance period.

No. You cannot get a refund because you will have enjoyed policy protection for the whole insurance period.